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How Negan Almost Killed 'The Walking Dead' Before Its 100th Episode

A show reaching its 100th episode can be a gift and a curse. On one hand, hitting this milestone is proof that the writers and actors have created characters that resonate with a mass audience. On the other hand, when you produce that much quantity over the course of several years it’s hard to consistently maintain the quality. The Walking Dead finds itself at this crossroad with its 100th episode, “Mercy,” which also serves as the premiere of the AMC hit’s pivotal eighth season.

Music Exec Jimmy Henchmen Opens Up About the Realities of Serving Six Life Sentences

James Rosemond can’t escape his past. Try as he may, the sins of his former life still haunt him. Known for years as “Jimmy Henchmen,” Rosemond has earned a reputation as a fearsome figure in the music industry as well as the streets. The fact that he's currently serving six life sentences while waiting for a retrial on murder-for-hire allegations only adds to the mystique. But during the course of a two-hour phone conversation from prison, the longtime manager proves himself to be more benevolent than violent.
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