Before #BLM: Sean Bell's Widow Reflects On His Police Shooting 10 Years Later

In a perfect world, the general public wouldn’t even know Sean Bell’s name. He was supposed to be just another hardworking family man from Queens, NY, who enjoyed spending Sundays with his daughters, Jada and Jordyn. He was supposed to grow old with his high school sweetheart, Nicole, and reminisce with friends about his 11-0 pitching record during his senior year. Instead, Bell became one of the most notable police shooting victims of the mid-2000s.

How I learned to stop resenting —and start accepting—my liver-transplant scar

By Mitzi Miller, as told to Anslem Samuel Rocque "Just over 18 years ago, I had to have a liver transplant. I was only 22 at the time, but had been diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis, which caused my body to malfunction and attack my own liver because it recognized it as a foreign object. As a result, the doctor said I had the liver of an 80-year-old male alcoholic, and if I didn't get a transplant right away, I wasn't going to make it."

Why I Laughed At My Best Friend For Crying At His Wedding (And Then Cried At My Own)

#RelationshipGoals mentions were at an all-time high last week due to this viral video of a crying groom that gave everyone all the feels. If somehow you were actually living life and missed it, here’s a quick rundown: Gabriel Deku burst into tears at the mere sight of his bride-to-be Annabelle walking down the aisle. The sob fest got so intense that Gabriel’s best man (aka the real MVP) had to G-check the big homie and make him stand up straight and look at his wife like she’s the captain now.

Ode to My Pregnant Wife: How Motherhood Has Made Me Love You More

Fatherhood was always something I looked at with tinted glasses. It was this blurry thing that I could possibly see in my future but based on not having a constant male figure in my life growing up, it was something I wasn’t sure I’d ever be equipped to be successful at. While my daddy issues caused me to overthink my own father potential, one part of the equation I rarely gave much thought to was the mother of my unborn child.

Black Blogger Month: Curly Nikki, The Hair Apparent

Women in search of advice on natural hair care need look no further than Nikki Walton's While European standards of beauty tend to dominate the scalps of many women of color, there are just as many who embrace their natural tresses. That’s where St. Louis native Nikki Walton comes in. Three years ago the licensed psychotherapist launched, one of the Web’s most comprehensive resources for all things related to natural hair care and maintenance.

Driving While Black: Welcome to the Club, Tyler Perry

This past Sunday, Tyler Perry posted a lengthy status update on his Facebook fan page (Why doesn’t he have an actual blog?) explaining a recent run-in with the police where the filmmaker/entrepreneur says he was harassed and feared things could take a “turn for the worse.” Still, the officers’ actions, according to Perry’s depiction, appear to have been extreme and exaggerated, but that doesn’t negate the fact that Perry was in the wrong.

How Long Before We Forget About Trayvon Martin?

Perhaps it’s the result of being a part of an ADD-riddled generation, where our attention spans grow shorter by the tweet, status update, trending topic or #hashtag, or maybe I’m just a pessimist, but I’m not waiting for the day where there’s justice for Trayvon Martin. Based on what I’ve seen in recent years, I’m just counting down until the day we all forget about the 17-year-old and move on to the next big news story of the moment.
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