Why I Laughed At My Best Friend For Crying At His Wedding (And Then Cried At My Own)

#RelationshipGoals mentions were at an all-time high last week due to this viral video of a crying groom that gave everyone all the feels. If somehow you were actually living life and missed it, here’s a quick rundown: Gabriel Deku burst into tears at the mere sight of his bride-to-be Annabelle walking down the aisle. The sob fest got so intense that Gabriel’s best man (aka the real MVP) had to G-check the big homie and make him stand up straight and look at his wife like she’s the captain now.

Ode to My Pregnant Wife: How Motherhood Has Made Me Love You More

Fatherhood was always something I looked at with tinted glasses. It was this blurry thing that I could possibly see in my future but based on not having a constant male figure in my life growing up, it was something I wasn’t sure I’d ever be equipped to be successful at. While my daddy issues caused me to overthink my own father potential, one part of the equation I rarely gave much thought to was the mother of my unborn child.