Music Exec Jimmy Henchmen Opens Up About the Realities of Serving Six Life Sentences

James Rosemond can’t escape his past. Try as he may, the sins of his former life still haunt him. Known for years as “Jimmy Henchmen,” Rosemond has earned a reputation as a fearsome figure in the music industry as well as the streets. The fact that he's currently serving six life sentences while waiting for a retrial on murder-for-hire allegations only adds to the mystique. But during the course of a two-hour phone conversation from prison, the longtime manager proves himself to be more benevolent than violent.

Remembering The Rap Song That Fantasized About Rudy Giuliani’s Assassination

At the turn of the century, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani was gunned down while in office. The contentious two-term mayor (1994-2001) was presiding over a City Hall conference—ex-wife Donna Hanover at his side—when five shots rang out from the crowd, taking his life and staining the podium in blood. Giuliani had a long list of enemies so there were numerous suspects, but ultimately all fingers pointed to Screwball, a Queensbridge rap group comprised of Hostyle, KL, Blaq Poet and Solo.

How Skeff Anselm Helped Tribe, Mos Def, and Brand Nubian Make Classics

The name Skeffington “Skeff” Anselm might not ring bells for casual rap fans, but the longstanding engineer/producer has played a part in some of the genre’s most classic records. Just check the liner notes on some of your favorite albums from the early to mid ’90s. Everyone from Brand Nubian and De La Soul to Heavy D and MC Serch to D.I.T.C. members like Diamond D and Lord Finesse have recorded with Skeff, but his legacy will forever be tied to A Tribe Called Quest.

Technically Speaking: Ryan Leslie Calls Industry Audible Via New Start-Up

Ryan Leslie is a man of the people. He’s also a man of many talents. Grammy-nominated record producer, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, entrepreneur and child prodigy are just a few of the titles that the Washington, DC-native currently holds, which reflect both his diversity and creativity. Over the past several years he’s also quietly added tech titan to his ever-expanding list of accomplishments and skills.
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