Before #BLM: Sean Bell's Widow Reflects On His Police Shooting 10 Years Later

In a perfect world, the general public wouldn’t even know Sean Bell’s name. He was supposed to be just another hardworking family man from Queens, NY, who enjoyed spending Sundays with his daughters, Jada and Jordyn. He was supposed to grow old with his high school sweetheart, Nicole, and reminisce with friends about his 11-0 pitching record during his senior year. Instead, Bell became one of the most notable police shooting victims of the mid-2000s.

Lester Speight Talks His Way to Success in Gaming World & Hollywood

Lester Speight is a pretty big deal—both figuratively and physically. A former college football player and wrestler, he’s an imposing force on the field and in the ring but what’s been even more impressive is his performances on the screen. After bit parts in film (Any Given Sunday) and television (NYPD Blue), Speight made his big splash with his hilarious turn as Terry Tate “Office Linebacker”.
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